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9th European Charter


Network Meeting

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, Challenge 2015-2020
05-07 May, 2015  |  Vila Nova de Cerveira | Portugal
With a new Federation strategy approved for the 2015-2020 period what are the challenges the Charter Network needs to face to properly deliver its goals? We propose to discuss in workshop sessions the following:

•             The new Charter fundamentals: texts, templates and procedures

•             Experience of involving tourism businesses in the Charter

•             The active involvement of travel agencies in the Charter

•             To monitor sustainability in the Action Plans of the ECST and the Tourism Businesses

•             Building a common strategy with other awarding schemes of tourism destinations

•             Strategies for the Internationalization of the Charter

The meeting will be a unique opportunity to showcase your work in sustainable tourism and to learn from each other how we can improve!

05-07 May 2015

Inatel Cerveira Hotel

Lovelhe, 4920-236
Vila Nova de Cerveira | Portugal

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We have a group of known people that are working for a long time and are willing to discuss with you about the newest developments of the Charter and are also waiting for your inputs.


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